Found 18K+ games on NVIDIA GeForce NOW

I, as well as may many of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW users, are waiting for Nvidia adding new games. Some of the preferred games were already available, like Mafia series, but were removed from GFN. Later on, while I was waiting for that game to be available again I attempted to recover deleted NVIDIA GeForceNOW games. But accidentally I’ve found out something I’ve never expected.

My story

About a half year ago, NVIDIA GeForceNOW service worked differently. You could launch Steam directly and after that select a game of your choice. Most of the games are locked since GFN limitations, but I figured out how to run games which are not officially available on their website. I’ve managed to play a Gas Guzzlers Extreme at that time. So I wanted to find a way to get a full list of games available for GFN. A very old version of a GFN client app downloaded the file whitelist.json which contained a few thousands of games. Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to get a new update of this file.

The research

Once I installed NVIDIA GeForce NOW I launched it and waited for its data to be fully loaded. I inspected its log and cache files and the most eye-catching file to me was console.log.

GraphQL editor
Intelligent code completion

18K+ games in the official GeForce NOW app

When I finished my proxy server, started it locally, enabled it, it worked!

18476 games
807 apps
Client Platforms
God of War
Dolphin Emulator


I started the proxy server and it is available online. You can use it in research purposes. I posted instructions here:


I saved links to all resources for you. And links to the filled code of GraphQL script as well. You can inspect the data by yourself.


GraphQL Playground backup (it is not a data backup but the GraphQL Playground backup, which is redirecting requests to geforce servers, so the results are live)

I’m C++ developer from Ukraine. And I like to reverse engineer everything.